Dave Bias of The Impossible Project

Zona Foto had the opportunity to take portraits of Dave Bias, VP of The Impossible Project. He was demonstrating the new IP Day Lab machine that takes digital photos from your iPhone and turns them into Polaroids. The machine hasn’t gone into production yet. Currently four machines exist.

Visit The Impossible Project site: http://www.the-impossible-project.com/


Renée Comet has been working on Glutino’s extensive rebranding campaign and helping to create simple, elegant new packaging. Click on the image below and read more about Renée’s shooting process.

It’s That Time of Year AGAIN

Renée Comet had the opportunity to shoot a series of images for Ogilvy Washington’s, Internal Revenue Service “Free File” program.  You can see her shots of french fries appear/disappear at the irs site:  http://www.freefile.irs.gov/ and read more about the shooting process on Renée’s blog:  http://cometphoto.com/blog/?p=7562