Air Guitar

Done it? Probably. Christine Zona might be fascinated with you too.
“I started a series about Air Guitar what feels like many moons ago. It is one of those series that I can’t put an end to. It’s a fascination and an addiction. These guys are simply amazing. They live ‘normal’ lives but become these larger than life characters on stage just once a year. Be careful because they will shred your face off.” -Christine Zona

Crusher Kiss/Clown_Zonafoto

Help Save The Jersey Shore: Photographs for a Cause. Prints from Christine Zona’s Jersey Shore Polaroid project on sale to help victims.

“It is important to me that I help the people and the place that has shaped me into who I am today. That’s why I am putting prints of my polaroid series up for sale. 100% of the profits will go towards two charities to help the victims of Hurricane Sandy. Every print sale generates $3-4 profit and every frame sale generates an additional $4-5 profit. The money will be split between Waves for Water and the ASPCA-NJ. Waves for Water has a lot of experience with disaster relief on every level and though they normally focus on clean water, this time they will be assisting with many needs – first response survival supplies, rubble removal, and rebuilding, etc. They’ll be targeting surf-based coastal communities in Jersey and NY. ASPCA is helping families reunite with lost pets and is caring for any abandoned pet in need. Don’t forget, pets are family too.” -Christine Zona