D4s: A Pricey but lovely new addition to the Nikon Camera line

The D4s is the latest DSLR digital camera by Nikon which can be pre-ordered at an approximate price of $6,500. Camera product buyers are still not able to disclose the arrival date of the new DSLR so you’ll just have to sit tight and wait. The D4s can shoot an ISO up to 409,600 which does have noise, but just seems insane to get night shots at f/11with a shutter speed of 1/640th!


Polaroid Fotobar. Hit or miss?

Polaroid cameras and prints are very cool–love them. I recently heard of Polaroid Fotobar and have to say that turning my “favorite photos” into polaroid pictures misses the mark for me. Polaroid Fotobar locations are in Florida and seem like a glorified photo print & enlargement store such as Wolf Camera. They mock the layout of a Mac store, but don’t seem all that impressive http://bit.ly/1nUxIFw .

Have you seen the Gigapixel Tour yet?

Remember the first time you discovered Google Maps?  And then Google earth?  Those hours and hours you wasted zooming in on your old neighborhood or your friends’ houses?  If you haven’t seen it yet, take a look at the Gigapixel Tour.  Here’s the Cannes version that went live this month:  http://cannes.gigapixeltour.com/.  Basically, it’s a huge image of Cannes from the perspective of a tall building (and not from a satellite).  At first glance it’s merely a landscape photo.  But then you realize you can zoom in — A LOT.  So much that they’ve had to meticulously blur the faces of people across the entire image.  At 65 gigapixels, the image is, well, very large.  One gigapixel equals one billion pixels.

There are other interesting gigapixel projects out there, such as the Paris 26 Gigapixels site, but this new Cannes one is quite a feat.  The largest so far is the Budapest project — http://70gigapixel.cloudapp.net/ — but, aesthetically speaking, the Cannes one is much better.