First PDN Cover for Discovery Communications’ Animal Planet

Discovery Communications’ Animal Planet made the cover of PDN’s October Issue for the first time.  Photo Producer extraordinaire Laura Adams was able to give me some insight into the process of the  actual shoot and how it got to the cover of PDN.

Most of the time shoots require art buyers on site due to logistics–talent management, schedule, managing the photographer and creative director’s expectations and any other photo shoot craziness that may happen.

Here is a little Q&A with Laura:

Q:  When was the shoot?
A:   We shot this in Feb of 2013
Q:  How did you end up selecting the photographer David Yellen?
A:   We had worked with David Yellen before and the art director liked him. We thought his style fit the show.
Q:  Did you attend the shoot?
A:   Yes
Q:  What type of animals were there?
A:   We had a bunch:  a couple of snapping turtles, a skunk, and a raccoon
Q:  Were ASPCA people attending?
A:   They were aware of the shoot but not on the shoot
Q:  Were there stylists?
A:   No- in fact I had to buy him a suit for one of the shoots. We cut the arms out of it etc… I also handled the catering because we were in a weird location.
Q:  How did you get on the cover of PDN?
A:   David Yellen was in touch with them. So the cover was his doing. They interviewed him on how he is changing the type of clients he is getting.
Q:  Who is the talent and from which show?
A:   Ernie Brown, the Turtle man. The show is called Call of the Wild Man.
Q:  Did he bring his own animal?  If not, did you supply and was there an animal wrangler?
A:   He didn’t bring any animals.  We had animal wranglers who brought them and who were on site.

Thank you Laura and keep creating great photo shoots!



Wanderlust Travelwide

Wanderlust is defined as a strong, innate desire to rove or travel about. The new Wanderlust Travelwide 4×5 film camera is just the type of equipment to do this. The Travelwide can focus from infinity down to 0.55 meters and a Pinwide pinhole is included. $149 + shipping, delivery Summer 2014. You can also view some beautiful test shots taken with the camera

D4s: A Pricey but lovely new addition to the Nikon Camera line

The D4s is the latest DSLR digital camera by Nikon which can be pre-ordered at an approximate price of $6,500. Camera product buyers are still not able to disclose the arrival date of the new DSLR so you’ll just have to sit tight and wait. The D4s can shoot an ISO up to 409,600 which does have noise, but just seems insane to get night shots at f/11with a shutter speed of 1/640th!

Stocksy. The band-aid to heal the wounds of micro-stock and a broken rights-managed system?

Stocksy is a new photo stock agency developed by Bruce Livingstone, the former creator of iStock and Brianna Wettlaufer, the former VP of development for iStock. Stocksy only accepts a maximum of 500 photographers to join per year. Photographers have to submit their portfolios for review and become contributors upon notification.

Stocksy describes their company as a “co-operative that is owned and run by its artists”. Photographers receive 50% of a standard license purchase, and 100% of an extended license purchase. They say artists also get to share in the profits at the end of the year, but I am not sure what that means.

Sales are considered royalty-free licenses and extended licenses can be purchased for use beyond the RF terms. The average rate for a stock download from Stocksy is said to be around $50.

Polaroid Fotobar. Hit or miss?

Polaroid cameras and prints are very cool–love them. I recently heard of Polaroid Fotobar and have to say that turning my “favorite photos” into polaroid pictures misses the mark for me. Polaroid Fotobar locations are in Florida and seem like a glorified photo print & enlargement store such as Wolf Camera. They mock the layout of a Mac store, but don’t seem all that impressive .